Winter 2017-2018 exams session

The exam of Tall buildings structures on 29.01 is divided as follows: 9:00 - Steel (Prof. Stefanescu) and 12:00 Reinforced concrete (Prof. Munteanu)

Exams schedule - years 1-4

Exams schedule - master years 1-2

Not passed exams from second semester

Students will not be accepted in examinations in case of lack of payment of their study fees and/or of the fees for following subjects in advance. The deadline was friday 19th of January.

Autumn 2017 exams session

Exams schedule - autumn session.
The exam rooms and potential schedule changes will be posted online, check regularly the website.

Exams schedule - years 1-4

Exams schedule - master years 1-2

All exams scheduled on 8th of september 2017 with Prof. Dragos Voiculescu will be held in FCCIA building, 1st floor, vice-dean's office, at 14:00.

The examination for the Practice period will be held friday 8th of september 2017 at the computer rooms from FCCIA (4th floor) at 14:00.


Summer 2017 exams session

05.07.2017 - the exam of RC structures I will be held at 10:00 a.m.

Exams schedule - years 1-3

Exams schedule - master years 1-2

Exam schedule for not promoted subjects - year 4 second semester


Exams schedule for Bachelor - year IV

Students who did not pay their free (study fee, fee for studiyng in advance for obtaining credits, fee for autumn session, fee for equivalence, etc.) are not allowed to join the exams. Please urgently contact FILS secretariat.