Programme d’études-master

1 – Numerical analysis

2 – Random processes_applications in structural engineering

3-Stability and Dynamics of structures

4- Engineering seismology and earthquake engineering

5 – Prestressed and composite steel concrete structures

6i – New Structural Materials

6ii – Experimental method in structural engineering

7 – Advanced theory of elasticity, plates and shells

8 – Vulnerability and risk produced by natural hazards

9 – Nonlinearanalysis of structures

10 – Stsbility of steel structures

11i – Special reinforced concrete structures

11ii – Concrete structures for transport infrastructure

11iii – Reinforced concrete structures for hydraulic facilities

12i – Steel structures for special buildings

12ii – Steel structures for transportation infrastructure

12iii – Hydraulic steel structures

13 – Soil-Structure Interaction

14 – Masonry and wooden structures

15i – Tall buildings structures

15ii – Large span bridges and viaducts

15iii-Hydraulic Structures for Water Storage

16i – Rehabilitation of concrete structures

16ii – Retrofitting of steel structures

16iii – Rehabilitation of Masonry and Wooden Structures

17i – Buildings and special constructions technologies

17iii – Technology for hydrotechnical buildings

17ii-Special Technologies for Transport Infrastructure

fc4 – Lightweight structures made of cold-formed thin gauge shapes

fc3 – Applied finite elements method

fc2 – Specialized communication skills

fc1 – Specialized communication skills