Double degrees

What is a Double Diploma program?

The double Degree program is when two universities in the same field offer students, based on a bilateral agreement, the possibility to obtain both graduation diplomas, without going through the entire study program at each of them. Obtaining both diplomas is conditioned by attending courses in the partner country for a minimum number of semesters and, possibly, by carrying out a practical internship. The conditions of eligibility and development of the program are different, being specified in each agreement.

Bilateral agreements available

The Double Diploma Agreement concluded with Ecole des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC), unique in Romania, was signed in Bucharest in 2001. Annually, a number of up to 5 graduates of the 1st cycle in the field of Civil Engineering can follow two years of study at ENPC and a practical internship, instead of the first year of the master program. After taking the PFE (projet fin d’études) in Paris, the students return to UTCB where they are completing the third semester of the master’s program. Following the dissertation, the graduates obtain both the UTCB master’s degree and the ENPC engineering degree. To date, 56 UTCB graduates have graduated from one of the most prestigious higher education institutions in Europe.

Details on participating in the program can be found here: Agreement DD ENPC

In 2016, as a result of a cooperation of over 20 years between UTCB, through the Faculty of Installations, and the University of La Rochelle, the second Double Diploma agreement was concluded at master level, within the specialization “Energy Efficiency of Technical Installations of the building”. Within this program, a number of up to 5 students attend semesters 1 and 3 at the partner university and semesters 2 and 4 at UTCB, obtaining master’s degrees from both universities. In the academic year 2017 – 2018 participated 5 students from UTCB and 2 students from Université de La Rochelle.

Details on participating in the program can be found here: Agreement DD INSA

Starting with the 2018-2019 academic year, the Double Diploma program at master level concluded between UTCB, through the Faculty of Foreign Language Engineering, and the Université de Liège will begin, from which 3 students will be able to benefit annually. In this program, the graduate students of the 1st year of the master’s degree follow the 2nd year and defend the dissertation at the Université de Liège, thus obtaining both diplomas.

Details on participating in the program can be found here: Agreement DD LIEGE

In the academic year 2018-2019, a new Double Diploma agreement concluded between ARUT (Romanian Alliance of Technical Universities, of which UTCB is a part) and the INSA Group, which brings together 7 National Institutes of Applied Sciences and 7 National Higher Schools in France, becomes operational. Interested students selected from UTCB will have an alternative school course of one year of study in France per cycle of education, starting with the 3rd year of the bachelor’s degree, obtaining at the end of the program, in addition to the bachelor’s and master’s degrees of UTCB, a diploma as a graduate engineer at a university in the INSA group.

Details on participating in the program can be found here: Agreement DD ULR