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Study programmes

Structural Engineering in English 

Structural engineering in French

Length of studies:


The enrollment within the academic education in Romania for NON-EU citizens is conditioned by obtaining a Letter of acceptance for studies from the Romanian Ministry of Education. For the issuance of this letter, the candidate has to send UTCB a complete admission file containing the documents requested.


All candidates must register to the
Candidates will submit the documents, for obtaining the Letter of Acceptances to studies, ONLY through the online platform.
They have to fill in all the fields of the online platform with the requested information and upload all the registration documents mentioned below.
Criterion for admission to undergraduate programs in the field of engineering sciences: Mathematics or Physics – compulsory discipline at the baccalaureate exam. The average must be at least 10,50.
Candidates must take responsibility for the authenticity and correspondence of the copies of digital/ scanned documents with the original ones.
Incomplete files will not be processed and shall be REJECTED.

CALENDAR for obtaining the Letter of Acceptances for studies:
• Application submission for Bachelor, Master and APLR: 01 February – 30 September 2023
• Application submission for PhD: 01 February – 15 June 2023

FEE PROCESSING FILE – The fee for processing the documents to be sent to the Ministry of Education is 75 EURO. When you make the payment the commission fee does not be included in the payment for the file processing.
The file processing fee is NONREFUNDABLE!

Reference data:
IBAN code: R076RNCB0073005630380005

Documents requested for Bachelor/Master/PhD degree registration:

For PhD there are extra documents which must be sent by email:

The international candidates for PhD can submit the complete files between 01.02 – 15.06.2023in order to obtain the Acceptance letter on time and for the organization of specific knowledge exams.

As soon as the candidate has received the Letter of Acceptance from the Ministry of Education, he/she must contact the closest Romanian authority and search for information concerning the study visa application.
This is a personal matter in which the university does not interfere.
In case the visa application includes some documents issued by the university, the candidate must require specifically those documents.

In order to be enrolled at the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest, candidates must submit in original:

It is mandatory for the candidates to present their original study documents authenticated by the authorities in the issuer country as follows and the translation authenticated in Romanian language of the original study documents:
The original study documents which are part of the Hague Convention will be stamped by the competent authorities in the issuer country with the Hague Apostille.
The original study documents which are not part of the Hague Convention will be legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the issuer country and by the Embassy/Consulate Office of Romania in the issuer country.


If the name and surname of the candidate on the baccalaureate diploma are not identical with the name and surname appearing on his / her birth certificate, the candidate is obliged to submit a notarial explanatory note to the file.

All the study documents must be translated into Romanian and certified by a Romanian notary.

The deadline for enrollments at Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest is:
• for preparatory Romanian year: to be announced
• for engineering specializations: the last day of the first semester in the academic year 2023-2024

Before the beginning of the academic year, a test will be organized that will verify the linguistic competence for the language in which you have chosen to study. If the result is below the minimum accepted level, in the study program for the first semester will be introduced intensive courses for the study of that language, for a fee. In accordance with the existing regulations in the Romanian higher education system, the fee for the language proficiency test is 270 EURO. Persons coming from countries where the official language is the language in which they will study at UTCB are exempted from this test if they can prove, with official documents, that they have studied in that language.


Admission for candidates from Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation
In order to benefit from access to studies under the same conditions as Romanian citizens (on subsidized and paid places) candidates who have obtained baccalaureate / bachelor’s / master’s degrees or equivalent certificates in another country and want to continue their studies in Romania, must – to equivalent these documents to the National Center for Recognition and Equivalence of Diplomas (CNRED) and to obtain an Equivalence Certificate. Steps for equivalence of studies can be done on your own by the candidate or through the UTCB International Relations Office.
The recognition / equivalence file contains simple copies of the necessary documents if they are written in Romanian / English / French / Spanish or Italian. Study documents written in other languages ​​will be accompanied by a legalized translation into Romanian. The study documents from Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal and Cyprus will be endorsed with the Apostille of the Hague Convention.
To register for the LICENSE cycle, candidates must submit the following documents required by CNRED.
For enrollment in the Master / Doctorate / DPPD candidates will submit the following documents required by CNRED.
Candidates from EU member states, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation benefit from free education if they participate in the entrance exam on the budgeted places, together with the Romanian students. Otherwise, the fee is about 1000 EURO/year for undergraduate and master’s degrees and about 1200 EURO/year for the 3rd cycle.


The International Relations Office provides assistance and advice for obtaining the Certificate of Equivalence, the Letter of Acceptance for Studies, as well as for registration formalities and information for accommodation on the UTCB campus.

Number of places

(at specializations Structural Engineering in French and Structural Engineering in English)

For Romanian  and EU candidates:

For candidates from outside the EU:

Informations admission candidats de UE 2023

Informations admission candidats non-UE 2023