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Session II – September 2021 

 Specializations Master Civil Engineering

Structural Engineering in English 

Structural engineering in French

Aquatic Environment Engineering and Science in English

Number of places

(at specializations Structural Engineering in French and Structural Engineering in English)

For Romanian  and EU candidates:

For candidates from outside the EU:

At the specialization Aquatic Environment Engineering and Science are available only tuition fee places.

Documents required for registration

  1. Application form (online on the platform provided by the university)
  2. Baccalaureate diploma, equivalent diploma or certificate
  3. The bachelor’s degree or equivalent (accompanied by the Diploma Supplement), scanned after the original, and for graduates of undergraduate studies in the current year’s class, who have not been issued a diploma, certificate in original or copy, which will contains the average from the bachelor’s / diploma exam.
  4. The documents must also contain the average of the years of study;
  5. The agreement for the processing of personal data signed in handwriting
  6. For students following a second specialization, a certificate issued by the higher education institution showing the quality of student and the form of financing (budget or fee);
  7. Birth certificate
  8. Marriage certificate
  9. Identity card Receipt proving the payment of the registration fee (100 lei) or documents proving the total exemption from paying the fee (Payment will be made on the online platform)
  10. Recognized certificate of linguistic competence


* it is possible to opt for taking over the data regarding the results obtained at the baccalaureate exam from SIIIR

For more details check: Required documents.

Admission and tuition fees

For more details check: Admission and tuition fees.

What is the way of admission?

Admission for Engineering specializations is made on the basis of the admission file and an vocational essay, taking into account the results of the bachelor’s exam also.

The vocational essay for the field of engineering sciences will be uploaded on the online platform together with the registration file.

The vocational essay will refer to:

i. The candidate’s previous studies and activity

ii. Argumentation for choosing the study program

iii. Personal education and training plan

iv. Career development plan

Upon admission to the master’s degree cycle, the graduates with a bachelor’s degree of the bachelor’s degree cycle organized according to Law no. 288/2004 on the organization of university studies, with subsequent amendments and completions, graduates with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent of long-term university studies organized according to the Law in force no. 84/1995 *), republished, with the subsequent modifications and completions, as well as the graduates of the studies carried out abroad and recognized by the specialized directorate.

The admission average is calculated but two decimal places without rounding. The minimum overall average of admission cannot be lower than the grade 6.00 (six).

The activation of the master’s degree programs is made on the condition that the number of students admitted to a specialization exceeds the minimum enrollment figure of 35 places approved by the Board of Directors of UTCB. The exceptions are the master’s degree programs in which the number of allocated tuition is less than 35 places, and they will be activated according to the figure announced in the admission leaflet.

Language proficiency test

The language competence test will take place after the registration process ends and will be made on-line.

Candidates with one of the following attestations are exempt from the linguistic competence test:

The attestations will be loaded on the on-line platform.

The language proficiency test will be held on the Microsoft Teams platform “ENGLISH LANGUAGE COMPETENCE TEST”, “FRENCH LANGUAGE COMPETENCE TEST” on JULY 14, at 10 am and will last 1 hour.

Candidates will appear on the MT platform at 9:30, with their identity card on them. The language proficiency test will have 45 questions and will include three parts: listening (8 questions), grammar and vocabulary (29 questions) and reading (8 questions). To answer the listening questions, an audio file will be listened to. Each question has only one correct answer. The answers will be saved in a word file in which the candidate’s name and answers will be written, in the form of a list:


Popescu Ion

1 A;

2 B;

3 C;

4 A; …

Only the number of the question and only the letter of the correct answer will be entered in the word file. The file will be sent to the supervising teachers on chat or on the email address

There are test models on the UTCB site, for English: –

and for French-

What is the admission process?

A candidate can choose several specializations

Specialization 1

 alternative 1 the student is admitted in his first option

alternative 2 the student is not admitted and is redistributed

Specialization 2

 alternative 3 the student is admitted in his second option on the vacant places

alternative 4 the student is not admitted in his second option on the vacant places

Specialization N

 alternative 5 the student is admitted in his N option on the vacant places

 alternative 6 the student is not admitted in his N option on the vacant places


In the case of alternative 6, the candidate can choose the alternative of paid places.

Regulament admitere 2021

Scholarships and fees 


Program Double Diplome

Informations admission candidats de UE 2021

Informations admission candidats non-UE 2021


The list of eligible candidates, the programming of the language proficiency test, the results and other announcements will all be posted on the Announcements and Admission Results page.