Structural Engineering in English

At the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages ​​(FILS) within UTCB (university with “high degree of confidence“, grade awarded by ARACIS) three master’s specializations are waiting for you: “Structural Engineering” in English (Master of Structural Engineering) and French (Master Ingénierie des structures), both accredited by MEN and ARACIS starting with the academic year 2013-2014, and starting with the academic year 2019-2020, FILS organizes the master’s course in English specializing in AQUATIC ENVIRONMENT ENGINEERING AND SCIENCE. The programs of studies in the field of civil engineering at UTCB are ranked in category A of MEN.

Generic  competences

  1. Knowledge and understanding of principles, concepts and fundamental theories in structural engineering;
  2. Identification, analysis and problem solving in structural engineering for reinforced concrete, steel, wood and masonry buildings;
  3. Probabilistic modelling of design actions for buildings and of their structural resistance;
  4. Seismic and wind design of buildings (including the modelling of wind and seismic action and the modelling of the linear and nonlinear structural behaviour); design and conformation of high-rise buildings;
  5. Advanced computer-aided design and the use of dedicated software;
  6. Coordination of drafting for technical and erection projects for civil, industrial and agricultural buildings for all seismic importance and exposure classes, as defined by the seismic design code P100-1/2013;
  7. Coordination of drafting for technical projects for engineering structures (chimneys, water towers, cooling towers, hydroedilitarian systems, );
  8. Coordination of drafting for technical projects and rehabilitation projects for buildings and engineering structures;
  9. Knowledge and understanding of research techniques (documentation, projection of experiment/numerical simulation, set-up of the experiment/numerical simulation and collection of experimental information, statistical modelling of the results, drafting of conclusions);
  10. Preparation of technical and research reports and of scientific publications in the field of structural engineering.

UTCB signed a double degree agreement with the Université de Liège in January 2017 for both FILS Masters in Structural Engineering (an agreement that will work with mobility in both directions, the selected students will attend the first year of master at the home university and the second year in the partner university, some of the selected FILS students will benefit from Erasmus + support for mobility). At the Université de Liège the second year master’s courses will be in English.

Students enrolling in FILS master’s degrees also have the possibility of obtaining two diplomas simultaneously (one as an engineer – in France and another as a master’s degree – in Romania), within the double degree agreement concluded between UTCB and Ecole des Ponts Paris Tech, France. In this case, the selection of candidates is made during the last semester of the degree at UTCB.

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