Accommodation in dormitories UTCB academic year 2023-2024

From September 26, the second round of accommodation begins starting at 12.00 at the Social Service.

  • Căminul 3 – 960 lei
  • Căminul 4 – 960 lei
  • Căminul 5 – 1230 lei
  • Căminul 7 – 1200 lei

September 20, starting with 09.00, the reception of the dormitory rooms can be carried out. The rooms are taken from the dormitory where you were assigned.

  • Cămin 3 – Strada Inginerilor Tei 29
  • Cămin 4 – Strada Inginerilor Tei 11
  • Cămin 5 – Bulevardul Lacul Tei 122-124, intrarea pe strada Cristea Mateescu
  • Cămin 7 – Strada Oteșani 24, Bloc T29

Visitors can enter the dormitory only after the student has taken over his room so that the guard from the dorm room can pass in the visitors’ notebook the room where he goes and will have to respect the visit schedule 08.00 – 15.00. It is forbidden to stay overnight in the dorm room of visitors.

Students who have completed the questionnaire and do not present themselves when taking over the dorm room until September 25 or have not made a reservation of the place of accommodation, lose their assigned place and the right of accommodation for the academic year 2023 – 2024. Those who wish to waive the accommodation request can do so by emailing the informing them that they want to do so, their name, surname and CNP.

The reservation of the accommodation place is made by an email to the specifying the date on which the dorm room will be taken over and also the payment of the accommodation fee for the first month during the accommodation period is made (after September 17, at 20.00).

The payment of the hostel is made in advance for each month. Students who do not pay the hostel fee and there is a delay of more than a month is lost their place of accommodation. Students want to give up their accommodation pay in full for the month they want to give up accommodation. If a student remains alone in the room, he/she must make a written request to the social service in order to be able to identify a roommate. For the period when a roommate is not identified, the student who was left alone pays the dorm room in full.


Dorm C3 and C4

Dorm C3 has 192 rooms and a capacity of approximate 750 accommodation places.

Dorm C4 has 187 rooms and a capacity of approximate 550 accommodation places.

The toilets are in common to each module which consists of 2 rooms each.

Dorm C5

Dorm C5 has 54 rooms and a capacity of approximate 160 accommodation places.

The toilets are individual for each room.

Dorm C7

Dorm C7 has 189 rooms and a capacity of approximate 500 accommodation places. The rooms are studio type with balcony, bathroom and own kitchen.