The campus of the Technical University of Construction Bucharest is composed of: 7 dorm-rooms, one university restaurant and one multi functional gym. In the immediate vicinity of the Campus, there are three recreational parks: Parcul Lacul Tei, equipped with the most modern entertainment and leisure complex in Bucharest, Parcul Plumbuita, with an old cultural and sporting tradition and Parcul Circului, a chic oasis of peace and relaxation in the center of the capital. The student Campus of UTCB has modern dormitories (2500 places), equipped with free internet services. The students can eat, with reasonable prices, at the university restaurant. The amount of accommodation and meals is less than the minimum value of the scholarships granted to the students by the University. In the gym, different sports can be practiced, fitness, aerobic and dancing.

Before checking-in the dorm-rooms see:

Unsubsidized room accommodation rates for the academic year 2021-2022


The dormitory accommodation rates that will be applied for students enrolled in the budget places are obtained by deducting the subsidy (of approximately 150 lei per student, the exact value being established annually by the relevant ministry) from the unsubsidized rate per student (obtained by dividing the unsubsidized rate per room by the number of students accommodated in the room).

C5 dormitory is intended for international students, and C7 dormitory is the only one where family students can stay.

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Dorm C2

The student dorm has 100 rooms and a capacity of 400 accommodation places. The toilets are common on each floor, the floors being entirely of girls or of boys.

Dorm C3 andC4

Dorm C3 has 192 rooms and a capacity of approximate 750 accommodation places.

Dorm C4 has 187 rooms and a capacity of approximate 550 accommodation places.

The toilets are in common to each module which consists of 2 rooms each.

Dorm C5

Dorm C5 has 54 rooms and a capacity of approximate 160 accommodation places.

The toilets are individual for each room.

Dorm C7

Dorm C7 has 189 rooms and a capacity of approximate 500 accommodation places. The rooms are studio type with balcony, bathroom and own kitchen.