Civil engineering in English

Let’s build the world together!

Construisons le monde ensemble!

Proiectează și construiește viitorul!

Educational offer 

Everything surrounding you – house, block, building, mall, stadium, factory, silo, tower, antenna is designed and built by engineers. As a civil engineer you can influence the way in which the world you live in looks like.

Civil Engineering offers you the chance of a successful career.  You will work in a vital domain for the society, with great diversity, which will challenge  you continuously and will always be interesting. It will also allow you to leave something to the world through projects which will make life better and safer.

At the Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages (FILS) within UTCB (university with high degree of confidence according to ARACIS), two specializations await you:

Civil Engineering in English 

Civil Engineering in French

both certified by MECTS and ARACIS. The Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering is ranked in class A according to MECTS.

Starting from 2018, the Bachelor’s programs “Civil Engineering” (constructions) in English and French within FILS are certified EUR-ACE® from  ENAEE – European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education.

After graduating the first cycle (Bachelor), you have the possibility of continuing your studies at UTCB with cycle II (Master degree) within one of the ten specializations in Civil Engineering and then cycle III (Ph.D. degree).

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