Protective measures against COVID-19

13 September 2021

Respect for health protection rules: an imperative! Students and university staff will follow the rules of health protection – physical distance, wearing a mask indoors, disinfecting hands – as well as all the instructions provided in the Guide on the establishment of health and protection measures in UTCB.

Permanent wearing of a protective mask is mandatory in all enclosed spaces on UTCB campuses.

Sanitary instructions at the beginning of the academic year 2021-2022


In the case of Covid-19 signs, notify the university! To support the health protection policy in UTCB it is very important to report if you have specific signs of Covid-19 infection (positive PCR test result, clinical signs of Covid-19, or if you are identified by health authorities as a case of direct contact ). “Get vaccinated”: a national campaign for a face-to-face return to school! According to the Government Decision no. 1031/2020 on the approval of the Vaccination Strategy against COVID-19 in Romania, instructions were issued to ensure vaccination in universities.