Cross of Change-5 June 2022

4 June 2022

We believe that change begins with each of us and that each can contribute through simple but consistent actions, thus building a sustainable future with sure steps.

The “Cross of Change” is a groundbreaking event on Climate Change. The event aims to bring this topic to the attention of the media and the general public and to educate the public through the call to action, under the message of Change.

The target group is the general public, whom we invite to participate in this manifest event. Simply participating and crossing the finish line is the promise of acting responsibly for a better future.

As the contest is organized around Children’s Day, we want to involve the community of Tei Toboc, both in organizing the event and in the participation process, thus creating a special race for the little ones. More details about the contest and the workshops organized in Plubuita Park soon on the event

Companies wishing to join the event can check out the following document.