Teaching activities – 18.02.2022

20 January 2022

[info 18.02.2022]

The decision of the UTCB Senate regarding the development of activities starting with 17.02.2022:

The teaching activities of teaching and evaluating students will take place in the system face to face (Scenario 1 – Daily participation with physical presence of all students / students in the university, in compliance with all the provisions of the UTCB Guide on the establishment of sanitary and protection measures and the rules imposed by the legislation applicable) for students enrolled in undergraduate studies and master’s degree from all years of study, as well as for foreign nationals enrolled at the Romanian Language Preparatory Year program.

Other exceptions to this scenario may be approved by the faculty organizer of bachelor’s and master’s degree programs, with subsequent information to the UTCB Senate and the Board of Directors.

The student practice activity will take place in Scenario 1 – Participation daily with physical presence of all students / trainees, with respect for all the provisions of the UTCB Guidelines on the Establishment of Sanitary and Protective Measures and a rules imposed by applicable law.

[info 20.01.2022]

According to Senate decision no. 538 /January 20, 2022, students who are confirmed positive for the SARS-CoV-2 virus or who are isolated from the DSP and who demonstrate the documents can take the exams for the period of isolation online, the same day as their colleges or at a later date fixed by mutual agreement with the titular didactic framework and the agreement of the deanship.

The next steps will be taken in this regard.

Step 1. Writing e-mails

Students who have tested positive for SARS-CoV-2 virus or are isolated from DSP will write an email with the following content:

  1. Email subject: SARS-CoV-2 (follow the subject so you can identify messages more easily)
  2. Student’s first and last name:
  3. Personal Numeric Code:
  4. Faculty, year, syllabus, series and group:
  5. The exam in which the student cannot take:
  6. Date of positive (following test):
  7. PDF document received from DSP to be found in Corona Forms *

* NOTE: The student assumes responsibility for the authenticity of the document sent. If the document is false, the provisions of art. 59 of the Regulation on the activity of students will be applied. The University reserves the right to notify the competent authorities of the suspicion of forgery in public documents.

Step 2. Send e-mail

Email is sent to:

a. the titular professor of the discipline at whose exam the student cannot take

b. the vice dean of the faculty

  1. Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Constructions: constantin.budan@utcb.ro
  2. Faculty of Hydrotechnics: giorgian.neculoiu@utcb.ro
  3. Faculty of Railways, Roads and Bridges: corina.chiotan@utcb.ro
  4. Faculty of building services: ion.sota@utcb.ro.
  5. Faculty of Technological Equipment: amelitta.legendi@utcb.ro
  6. Faculty of Geodesy: aurel.negrila@utcb.ro
  7. Faculty of Engineering in Foreign Languages: ruxandra.erbasu@utcb.ro

c. director of the department in which the professor is a member

  1. Reinforced Concrete Construction Department: eugen.lozinca@utcb.ro
  2. Department of Civil Engineering, Urban Engineering and Technology: andrei.stanescu@utcb.ro
  3. Department of Metal Construction, Management and Engineering Graphics: bogdan.stefanescu@utcb.ro
  4. Department of Mathematics and Computer Science: ion.mierlusmazilu@utcb.ro
  5. Department of Structural Mechanics: ruxandra.enache@utcb.ro
  6. Hydrotechnical Engineering Department:nicolai.sirbu@utcb.ro
  7. Department of Hydraulics, Construction and Environmental Protection: andrei.georgescu@utcb.ro
  8. Department of Geotechnics and Foundations: ernest.olinic@utcb.ro
  9. Department of Roads, Railways and Construction Materials: carmen.racanel@utcb.ro
  10. Department of Strength of Materials, Bridges and Tunnels:ionut.racanel@utcb.ro
  11. Department of Physical Education and Sports: anamaria.titu@utcb.ro
  12. Department of Thermo-Hydraulic Systems and Atmospheric Protection: rodica.frunzulica@utcb.ro
  13. Department of Thermotechnics and Thermal Equipment: alina.girip@utcb.ro
  14. Department of Electrical Engineering in Construction and Installations: eugen.badea@utcb.ro
  15. Department of Construction Machinery and Mechatronics: aurelian.gaidos@utcb.ro
  16. Department of Mechanical Technology: stefan.mocanu@utcb.ro
  17. Department of Geodesy and Photogrammetry: tiberiu.rus@utcb.ro
  18. Department of Topography and Cadastre: adrian.savu@utcb.ro
  19. Department of Physics: cornelia.grofu@utcb.ro
  20. Department of Foreign Languages ​​and Communication: raluca.ghentulescu@utcb.ro
  21. Teacher Training Department: adrian.stoica@utcb.ro

d. the vice-director responsible for situation management SARS-CoV2: madalina.stoian@utcb.ro

e. the vice-rector responsible for student activities: cezar.vladut@utcb.ro

Step 3. Verification of supporting documents

The veracity of the data provided is verified in Corona Forms by the responsible vice-rectors, and the result of the verification is sent to:

  1. the titular professor of the discipline at whose exam the student cannot take
  2. vice dean of the faculty
  3. the director of the department in which the professor is a member.

Step 4. Exam scheduling

The professor of the subject schedules the online exam respecting the impartiality of the assessment subjects received by the student’s colleagues in the physical system or, if possible, assigns the student to another group to take the exam in physical format after the isolation period ( quarantine).

The decision of the professor, which contains all the elements regarding the conduct of the exam, the date, time and platform / room will be communicated by him by e-mail to the student, the vice dean of the faculty and the director of the department.

[info 19.11.2021]

For students enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree studies in all years of study, as well as for foreign citizens enrolled in the Romanian Language Preparatory Year program:
– The courses will take place online and the other teaching activities face to face.
– Teaching and evaluation activities will take place in the Scenario “Participation in mixed system – physical and online presence of all students /trainees in the university”, depending on the specifics of study programs, infrastructure and epidemiological conditions, in compliance with all provisions of the «UTCB Guide on the establishment of sanitary and protection measures and rules imposed by the applicable legislation in force»

The exceptions to this scenario are approved by the UTCB Administration Board, at the approved proposals of the faculties, with the subsequent information of the Senate.