Professional competition for students „Prima Development”

15 June 2021

Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Engineering and the company Prima Development Group jointly organize a professional competition for students. The subject of the contest refers to the design and execution of collective residential buildings. The competition rules are may be found below. If you want to participate follow this page for details

Competition rules

(1) The professional competition “Prima Development” is organized by the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest through the Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Engineering as a higher education institution, and Prima Development Group, as a sponsor. (2) The object of the competition is the elaboration by student teams of a study on the design and construction of residential buildings.(3) The theme of the study is established by mutual agreement by the organizers, in each academic year.

(4) The contest is addressed to students enrolled in the undergraduate programs of the Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering in Foreign Languages and Faculty of Building Services Engineering – UTCB

(5) Participation in the competition is done in teams of three students who are constituted at their free choice.

(6) The calendar of the competition is established at the beginning of each academic year by mutual agreement by the organizers.(7) The study report is submitted electronically, in PDF format by email.(8) The evaluation of the submitted study reports is done by an evaluation commission, after the deadline for their submission.(9) The evaluation committee is composed of three specialists: two UTCB teachers and one representative of the Prima Development Group.10. The best five studies shall be presented orally before the evaluation committee.(11) The date of the oral presentation shall be set by the evaluation committee, within a maximum of 10 days from the submission of the studies.(12) The evaluation committee shall publish online the list of teams qualified for oral presentation at least 1 day before the oral presentation.(13) Following the oral presentation, the evaluation committee will determine the best study and the winning team.(14) The performance scholarship is provided by the sponsor of the Prima Development Group professional competition.(15) The performance grant is awarded to the team that has developed the best study.(16) The total amount of the scholarship is equally divided between the students of the winning team.


Data regarding the professional competition “Prima Development” in the academic year 2020-2021 (1) The theme of the study is “Specific conditions in the design and construction of collective residential construction projects”.(2) The evaluation commission is formed by: Adrian Stoichină – Chief Operations Officer at Prima Development Grup, Mădălina Stoian – Vice-rector of UTCB and Viorel Popa – organizing teacher (UTCB).(3) The registration for the competition is made by sending an email regarding the intention to participate to the address: in which the names of the students in the team, the study program, the year in which they are enrolled in the current academic year and the institutional ( email addresses are mentioned. (4) The deadline for registration for the contest is June 30, 2021.(5) The date of submission of the study report is July 14, 2021.(6) The date of the oral presentation is 20 July 2021.(7) The total amount of the scholarship is EUR 2400, which is awarded in a single installment.(8) The study report is sent to Oral presentation is made online on the Microsoft Teams platform, PrimaDevelopment team.

(10) The study should contain information on:

  1. a) Real estate market trends for collective residential buildings – specific requirements, evolution, trends
  2. b) Architectural solutions and structural solutions in the design of collective residential buildings
  3. c) Sustainability of collective residential buildings
  4. d) Execution technologies and working procedures specific to collective residential buildings; The main challenges in the construction of collective residential buildings compared to other types of buildings;
  5. e) Conditions related to the interaction function-structure-installations regarding the design and construction of collective residential buildings
  6. f) New ideas and solutions for reducing these conditions and harmonizing the interaction in the design and construction of collective residential buildings

(11) The study report shall be prepared in docx format as follows:

  1. a) page format – A4;
  2. b) margins of 2.54 cm on all sides;
  3. c) paragraph style with Times New Roman font of 12, space between lines of 1.5 lines, titles with Times New Roman font of 12 bold with type numbering 1, 1.1, 1.1.1;
  4. d) names of figures or tables with Times New Roman font of 10 pt, bold, numbering of type 1, 2, 3…;
  5. e) minimum report size – 7 pages;
  6. f) maximum report size – 15 pages;
  7. g) writing in Romanian with diacritics;
  8. h) a chapter of references is included, the references themselves are inserted in the text each time it is the case.

(12) the oral presentation shall be prepared in pptx format using the format in the UTCB Visual Identity Manual.

(13) At the choice of the elaboration team, the study report and the presentation for oral presentation can be written in Romanian or in English. Oral presentation is given in the language of the report.

(14) The score on the study report is given by the evaluation commission as follows:

  1. a) completeness and accuracy of information 15%
  2. b) identification of 15% conditionings
  3. c) creativity in presentation, ideas and solutions 30%
  4. d) pragmatism of solutions, ideas 15%
  5. e) synthesis capacity 10%
  6. f) 15% presentation method

Questions regarding the contest are sent by e-mail to