Information for the Romanian students in European or international academic mobility

3 April 2020

According to the data provided by the Ministry of External Affairs on the procedures that have to be followed for the Romanian students that are in European or international academic mobility for their return in the country.

A series of recommendations are presented below:

-students, group of students or their coordinators can contact the diplomatic mission or the consular office of the state of residence to be noted and to clarify their situation for repatriation or for identification of modalities of repatriation;

-the persons mentioned above can notify their presence in the state of residence either directly at the emergency number of telephone of the diplomatic mission or at the consular office, or through the Center of Contact and Support of Romanian citizens Abroad (CCSCRS).

-the contact coordinates of the diplomatic missions/ consular offices and of CCSRCS are found at the following link. Also, Romanian students can make an appeal to the Call Center dedicated to MAE, at the following telephone number 0040.214.312.059, in order to communicate their contacts coordination and their situation;

-students/ group coordinators have to know and to provide to the diplomatic mission exact data of the number of persons that ask for support, their locations, if they have valid documents of travelling/ identification and other information that can support the diplomatic office in the identification/ establishing of repatriation possibilities;

-further on, after the contact of the near diplomatic mission or of the consular office and the clarification of the situation of the student/group of students, the diplomatic missions will inform them on the repatriation possibilities (aerial or by road), depending on the situation of the resident state.