Important announcement for students staying in the dormitory

4 November 2020

[Article update 04 November 2020, 14.00]

Dormitory taxes are paid online, and the payment form can be found at this address: 

[Article update 02 November 2020]

In accordance with the contractual provisions between the Ministry of Education and Research and the Technical University of Constructions of Bucharest, the UTCB Board of Directors established a monthly subsidy for accommodation in university dormitories of 160 lei per student, valid until December 31, 2020.

Starting from January 2021, depending on the university’s funding in the new fiscal year, the grant may undergo changes that will be announced quickly.

The categories of subsidized students and the amount of the grant are as follows:

The categories of unsubsidized students are:

[Article update 20 October 2020, 21.00]

UTCB Protocol on the determination and management of cases of COVID19 infection in the dorm-rooms

If the student accommodated in one of the UTCB dormitories considers it symptomatic

Step 1. Announce the university by email at: with the following content:

Step 2. The social service notifies the administrator to provide the student with a bottle of biocide and a thermometer so that he can correctly define the symptoms for the telephone medical consultation.

Step 3. The social service notifies the UTCB Medical Office (if the environment remains at the university and is not seconded to a hospital or DSP) or the student is instructed to call the family doctor.

Step 4. Define if the symptoms are COVID-19 and recommend isolation or testing.

COVID symptoms:

The case of the student who has been tested and is waiting for the result

Step 1. Announce the university by email at: with the following content:

Step 2. Isolation in the room until the result is found and relocation of the roommate, if needed.

If the student is declared with the COVID virus 19

Step 1. Announce the university by email at: with the following content:

Step 2. Announcing the DSP by the student and then by the university.

Step 3. Internal epidemiological investigation through which the student receives a phone call from the UTCB Medical Office and from the dormitory administration and must mention if he / she has come into contact with other persons accommodated in the UTCB dormitories.

Step 4. Food delivery

Students who notice irregularities or violations of this protocol or national regulations are asked to urgently notify the administration or by email to

Violation of the provisions of this procedure is sanctioned with the permanent loss of accommodation in UTCB dormitories and the announcement of the bodies of legal competence.

[Article update 16 October 2020, 17.00]

We inform you that in accordance with GD no. 856 of October 14, 2020 on the extension of the alert status on the Romanian territory starting with October 15, 2020, as well as the establishment of the measures applied during it to prevent and combat the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, when in the students dorm rooms there will appear three cases of infection with SARS-CoV-2 virus within seven consecutive days, the measure of closing the student accommodation for a period of 14 days is established.