Round table organized on the occasion of “Europe Day”

14 June 2022

In the context of the round table organized on the occasion of “Europe Day”, 9th May 2022, the FILS-DLSC-APLR teaching staff decided to mark the “European Year of Youth” with a workshop entitled the same. Proposals and discussions led to the development of a partnership project between UTCB and “St Sava” National College and the Faculty of Letters University of Bucharest. The agreement signed by the three parties was included and accepted in the events agenda dedicated to the European Year of Youth by the European Commission. Hence, on 2nd June 2022, UTCB hosted the event attended by students from high schools in Bucharest, PhD students of the Faculty of Letters and senior lecturer Miroslav Stavre PhD from the Department of Cultural Studies, “European Studies” section. FILS and APLR students interacted with the pupils through a series of presentations from the European experiences of Bucharest students in various Erasmus-type programmes, as well as through games and dialogues on the theme “What defines me as a young European?”