Required documents

Documents required for registration

Candidates will submit the following documents to the on-line platform:

  1. Registration form (on-line on the platform provided by UTCB);
  2. The baccalaureate diploma or equivalent to it in original or a copy certified by the admission commission, and for the high school graduates from the current year’s promotion, which have not been awarded the diploma yet, the original or copy of the certificate, which will contain the results from baccalaureate;
  3. Written agreement for candidates choosing the option of taking the data of the persons and the results obtained at the SIIIR baccalaureate exam;
  4. For students who attend a second university specialization, a certificate issued by the higher education institution showing the quality of the student and the form of financing (budget or fee);
  5. For the graduates of a faculty with a second specialization, the diploma or equivalent, in original or a certified copy and attestation showing the form of financing over the years of study;
  6. Birth certificate – copy certified by the commission;
  7. Marriage certificate (if applicable) – certified by the commission;
  8. Identity card or ID card – certified by the commission;
  9. The receipt proving the payment of the registration fee for admission or proof for the total exemption from the payment of the registration fee for admission (Payment will be made on the on-line platform provided by UTCB);
  10. Certificate of language proficiency recognized for exemption from participation in the language proficiency test.